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     The  Radioastronomy  Amatorial  for 








          Horn  Philips  used for the observations 42GHz    (foto 1)


After some years of search and experimentation Radioastronomica on frequencies around the 10Ghz, getting imported results in observations of  many
Radio source, publishes in this site in the page (Radiotelescope Live), I have decided to move my searches in field Radioastronomico
on very elevated frequencies as the 42Ghz, using a sensitive LNB of the
Philips MVDS (you see photo 1) with coverage in frequency from 40 GHz
to 43GHz and with frequency of conversion between the
950 Mhzes and 2150Mhz.


The Instrumentation uitilise and the experimentation is the following:


Antenna: Horn  Philips Mod. MVDS  Rx 40Ghz 43Ghz conversione 950Mhz 2150Mhz.


Receiver Total  Power : Ral 10(By Radioastrolab) 12 Bitt.


Programma  di  acquisizione: Radiometrica (By Salvatore Pluchino)


Computer: Thoshiba  Pentium  3


Motorization: Altazimutale  Made DS 127


During the whole afternoon many  transits  Sun  have been effected electronically directing the visible Horn in her (photo 2) after repeated tests  of the whole system, the phase has passed to observation.


 The system of visible mobile acquisition in her (photo 3) he/she offers the opportunity to be able to reply the observations in any place, diventando quindi a good opportunity of didactic Radioastronomical  with contained costs, the external temperature of the site osservativo was of 40 degrees (photo 4).

                                                                                                                          In tThe photos here above you bring they represent the Horn to 42Ghz while you/he/she is being aimed in direction of the Sun and the relative graph of transit realized to the same frequency of antenna(42Ghz)


In these two last photos they are visible the Receiver Total Power Ral10 and  Sun  graph realized during the experimentation to 42 GHz.


                                                        42 GHZ 

                                 The Horn Philips  a 42 Ghz                                                                                                                     Stations for observation

After having experimented with success the Horn Philips to 42 Ghz  realizzando numerous transits solariums, the experimentation is continued with the use of one
parable first fire in vetroresina from 1,5mt D.
The united
LNB has been inserted in the primary fire of the parable, the mass to fire of the same one however you/he/she has not been of easy enterprise because of the nonexistence
of signals champions to 42Ghz, as instead it happens for the
11/12Ghz frequency used by the numerous satellites Sat TV.





                                            Positions Horn 42 Ghz




As I remove issue champion for the phase of mass to fire I have chosen the Solar issue our Star  it also sends forth a big quantity of radio waves with flow very strong emissivo to
After numerous attempts of aim and move of the Horn in the bundle of spar you/he/she has succeeded in optimizing the signal I remove emissivo of the Sun could begin this way new observations astronomic Radio to









    The parable while is stinging the Sun to 42Ghz                                                                                                 RX The issue of the Sun to 42Ghz


The Instrumentation the experimentation is the following:


Parable:  Primo fuoco (vetroresina 1,5 mt D.)


Antenna: Horn  Philips Mod. MVDS  Rx 40Ghz 43Ghz conversione 950Mhz 2150Mhz.


Receiver Total  Power : Ral 10(By Radioastrolab) 12 Bitt.


 Program of acquisition  Radiometrica (By Salvatore Pluchino)


Computer: Thoshiba  Pentium  3


 Motorization : Altazimutale  Yaesu G 450 Azimut. Elevazione(Prosistel)

                                                                                                                                                                         Control Box Altazimutale                                                                           

                 The posting Radio Observation                                                                                                         The complete parable of Horn 42Ghz

Completed the initial phase of debugging of the system they have been sucessivamente effected here of the Sun  transits under brought.

                                                        I remove effected Sun  observation on July 24 2007 hours 08.55 UTCs


                                                         I remove effected Sun  observation on July 24 2007 hours 09.22 UTCs


                                               Radio effected Sun  observation on July 29 2007 hours 13.34 UTCs

                                                                Scanning on the Sun to 42Ghz the 29.07.2007 13.07 UTC

The graph above brought it represents the scanning effected on our star using the parable and the Horn to 42Ghz, the present woodpeckers in the graph
they point out the intensity of different flow for solar zone.


                                                    Map of Sun to the Frequency of 42GHZ

One of the phases more entusiasmantis but also very complicated you/he/she has been the realization of the map of the thermal issue of our star to so elevated frequencies.
After numerous tests of fire on the Parable of the Horn Philips 42Ghz used in the experiment have succeeded in effecting some fast scans on the Sun  superfice, the results they have been notable.
From the graphs you/he/she can easily be underlined the different values of signal correspondents to the different zones emissive measured to the wavelength of 7mm.
In these frequencies our star doesn't send forth ghostly lines and however not observable with the instrumentation from me used, in degree of
to analyze or better measuring only thermal issues sent forth by the bodies celest(Measure  and  Total Power).
The phase of elaboration of the files recorded Log has been taken care of by the Ing.Francesco Schilliṛ (Radio Telescope NOTO)SI, thanks to the software use particular four different graphs have been realized in forgeries colors correspondents to the zones solar emissive to 42Ghz.

 The four radios maps represent the different zones  of  Sun  emissive measured to the frequency of 42Ghz.

                 Michael's Mallardi realization graphic elaboration of the Ing.Francesco Schilliṛ(Radio Telescope Noto)Si.


                                       Issue radio to 42 GHZs of Rising Radio Exstra Solar



                  Hercules -A 3C310  in the visible one                                                        Hercules -A  Observation  at  42 Ghz Date 25.07.2007





               Cygnus -A   in the visible one                                                                          Cygnus -A Observation  at  42Ghz Date 25.07.2007



IC5070(Pellican Nebula) foto1                                              

 NGC7000(Nord America Nebula) foto2                                                 Radio observations  Source  IC5070 at  NGC7000 Date 29.08.2007

  New Thermal issue to 42Ghz of small Galaxies  the Constellation of the Lyra

              Galaxies NGC 6606 Zenit trasit 20.07.09


                                   NGC 6606

                                       Observation  23/08/08 Zenit Transit

                                                                                              Zoom  NGC 6606  23/08/08 Zenit Trasnsit

                                             Galaxies  NGC 6606  01/10/2007

                                                                                          Ngc 6606  observation  04/10/07


Phase observation of the total thermal issue of the Galaxies NGC 6606+ TYC 3130-2082-1 (Constellation of the Lira)

                                                                                                    Date 04October 2007


The Galaxy of Andromeda observed to 42Ghz































Flux Radio emission of observed M31 the 16.10.07 hours 00.03 local












Flux Radio emission of observed M31 the 16.10.07 hours 23.51 local













Flux Radio emission of observed M31 the 07.11.07 hours 21.03 local









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